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June 8th, 2013 § Leave a Comment

Buyer’s Remorse

I don’t like shopping. All forms. Holiday shopping has to be right up there at the top. There’s a background hum of manipulation with the whole expectation driven frenzy of unnecessary spending. Or is that just Christmas music? I can’t get the swollen, sweaty, grinning face of capitalism out of my mind as I run about like a mouse, caught in the “holiday shopping” maze. I suppose the most tolerable form is food shopping. At least food feels like a necessity. Until you’re standing at the line at Costco looking at the $200 cart thinking, “I came in for some eggs. What the hell happened?” There’s a compulsion with buying. Something inside … outside … something saying, “Gotta get it.” And so, like I said, I don’t like shopping.

Leading up to this year’s fantasy draft, the feeling I get about Running Backs is that in the end I’ll be left with buyer’s remorse. I know it. I’m going to be compelled. And yet, knowing this, I’ll still take my early round picks, pace frantically up and down the aisles and grab someone thinking, “Man, I gotta go; this will have to do. Hope it works.” Hope it works! You’re going with, Hope it works with your 1st and 2nd round picks? Yup, that’s what I’m going with. Compulsion buy. Fantasy football says, “Gotta get it.”

Just look at the shopping list:
Adrian Peterson – Will probably be the number one pick. Still just a little over a year outside of major knee surgery. Can he go back to back?
Arian Foster – Is it just me or does the odometer read high to you too?
Ray Rice – Meh …
Marshawn Lynch – Yeah, Marshawn Lynch.
LeSean McCoy – Chip and his new system.
Trent Richardson – Solid back on the worst offense in football. New Coach.
CJ Spiller – Yet to put together a full season. A rookie under center?
Jamaal Charles – Another guy just outside of knee surgery. New coach, new QB.
Alfred Morris – I hate Mike Shanahan. When it comes to Running Backs, I hate him a lot.
Doug Martin – Greg Shiano appeared to lose his team toward the end of last season. Can you feel good about a Buccaneer?

After these guys, you get guys like DeMarco Murray, Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Stevan Ridley, Frank Gore, MJD, Darren McFadden … Man, I really don’t like shopping.


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