Can’t Have it All

May 16th, 2013 § 2 Comments

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I’ll let you in on a little something: I like sports. I don’t get the fascination with Nascar and hockey alludes me, but pretty much all else … at the very least, you can get me interested. What? Figure skating? I’m talking about sports. As a friend once told me, “Accompanying music and choreography disqualifies.” As an aside, this guy has a whole list of what ought to qualify something as a sport. It’s hilarious and pretty tight. By tight, I mean he’s tough; it’s a stringent list. Like, “If there is subjective judging, not a sport.” He’ll go as far as, “No defense? Got to wonder, is it a sport?”

So, anyway, I like sports. Follow it. A few weeks back, I won a NCAA Tournament pool. Here’s the not so funny thing: Can’t take credit for it. I pretty much picked in the dark. I don’t have time to be educated on NCAA basketball. Are you kidding? With the parody out there these days, knowing Syracuse and Duke isn’t doing it. Now you have to be versed in Mid-Majors like VCU, Wichita State, and random upstarts like Florida Gulf Coast or whoever they were. Forget it. I used to come into March with a clue. Not anymore. That all changed with our first kid. Priorities. NCAA basketball didn’t make it. Spring and summer baseball; cut. NBA; cut. Just some NFL and a bit of golf. Golf? Yeah, I know. Golf is disqualified under my buddy’s list for “dress code”, no defense, and hushing the crowd. He’s right, it’s a sport like croquet is a sport.

Couple posts back, I wrote how I love being at a swim meet. Love it. Wasn’t always the case. That first season, we bemoaned, “What have we got ourselves into?” I learned to love it. And Priorities was my teacher. Your children ought to re-structure your life: Your work, your hobbies, your money. If they do not, your priorities are out of whack. If you live long enough, you’ll live to regret it. Make peace with this: You can’t have it all. I’ll let you in on something else though, and this one is not so obvious: I gave up life as I knew it, and found life richer than I could have ever dared dream.



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