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June 22nd, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Running Backs

I like Running Backs.

In my opinion, you ought to use your top five picks to secure a couple of solid ones. Quarterbacks are predictable. We pretty much can name the top five Quarterbacks before the season starts. Relatively speaking, they are not major injury risks. And in a standard 12 team league, there are plenty of serviceable QBs. These reasons tell me to wait on a QB.

Wide Receivers are the exact opposite: They are unpredictable. Every year in fantasy, there is an undrafted WR goin’ off. Couple years ago it was Brandon Lloyd. This past year it was Victor Cruz. Here are some names from the list of last year’s top ten fantasy WR: Jordy Nelson, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, Steve Smith, and Percy Harvin. The opposite tell me the same thing: Wait on WRs.

Running Backs are less predictable than the QB – due mostly to injury – but more predictable than the WRs. There are fewer serviceable ones than either spots. All this tells me, “Grab a RB early. Two, if you can.”

Here’s my top ten, and a quick thought for each:
1. Arian Foster – Again, I love Arian Foster.
2. Ray Rice – Sturdy, runs and catches, and pro bowl fullback. Better than Flacco.
3. LeSean McCoy – Little too much dancing. Can he repeat 20 TDs?
4. Chris Johnson – C’mon. He couldn’t have forgotten how to run.
5. Maurice Jones Drew – Just keeps on ticking. Blaine Gabbert can’t be worse, right?
6. Ryan Mathews – With Gates aging, Jackson gone, SD gets balanced.
7. Darren McFadden – Chicken legs. Roll the dice; pray for them legs?
8. Marshawn Lynch – Skittles strikes me as a bit volatile. Beastmode or apathy?
9. Adrian Peterson – If he says he’s good, and he is there in the 4th. How can I pass?
10. DeMarco Murray – Dallas will score pts. And everyone saw Murray do what Jones could not.
Honorable Mention: Darren Sproles – Can he do it again?

Michael Turner, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson, Fred Jackson – Kinda like driving with the gas warning light on. Nervous.

Peterson the only one coming off major injury to make the list. Never loved Charles, Mendenhall, or Forte. Hillis, Redman, and Bush mess with all their value.



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