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March 10th, 2012 § 1 Comment

D’you say ‘Cooked Goose’?

It’s the name of my fantasy football team. Really. For a couple years, I’d heard about fantasy football. My friends told me how fun it was, how we needed to start our own league. “Yeah, yeah,” I thought, “I don’t have time for that sort of nonsense.” At the start of the 2008 NFL Season, I relented. “Okay, it’ll be a good excuse to get regular connection with some friends, reconnect with some old ones. I’ll goof around with it.” I’m pretty much a junky now. Last season I had to carefully regulate my dosage, so as not to become a toothless, street walking mumbler.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with the “in and outs” of fantasy sports, more specifically fantasy football. If you don’t know, I figure, you don’t care. If you do, then no need to explain. The origins of “Cooked Goose” go back to Tom Brady’s historic 07 season. At season’s end, Tom had accrued enough yards to place himself 3rd all time in single season passing yards. That’s all time mind you. Them there are some serious fantasy points. What made this season transcendent however was that those yards were coupled with 50 passing TDs. And that’s the most ever thrown in a single season. Add ’em up, and you got yourself the Fantasy Football MVP. Oh, right, right … and more importantly the 2007 NFL MVP. Psshhh, I knew that.

Not knowing anything about fantasy football, I went partial auto draft that first year. My first round auto pick was Tom Brady. The Pats opened their season hosting the KC Chiefs on a sunny, New England afternoon. On the 15th offensive snap of the game, a 28 yard completion to Randy Moss, the Chiefs’ safety Bernard Pollard clumsily lunged at Tom Brady’s left knee tearing both the ACL and the MCL. It was a season ending injury. While watching the re-play of the play and the subsequent footage of him being helped off the field, I thought, “My goose is cooked.”

The following week, I changed my team name to “Cooked Goose”, and went on to win the championship of our league.


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  • LeHans says:

    goose is being modest. he went on to win 3 of the first 4 seasons. i contend, however, that 3 of 4 is luck. 3 of 5 will be proof it was luck. if 4 of 5, then some luck + some skill. given how much goose will be blogging this year, the outlook for winning in 2012 is not good 🙂

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