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November 23rd, 2013 § Leave a Comment

Don’t Get Cute

Okay, okay … I got it. Yes, enough. “Uncle!” No mas. What? You want me to say it? Okay, here, I’ll say it: It is a Quarterback driven league. I’ve learned my lesson. Next year, I’m not getting cute; I’m taking a QB early.

This is my sixth season of fantasy football. In each draft other than the first which was autoed, I eschewed the elite QB in favor of bargain hunting in the middle rounds. There is a reasonable argument for such strategy, but I no longer have the stomach for it. Last year, I rode the ups and mostly downs of Michael Vick and his woeful offensive line. This year, the “Couple Eli with Carson strategy” had me starting Locker and Jason Campbell in must win games. Their line in those games? 10, -3, and 7. Loss, loss, and yes, a loss.

Now, I must win the last two and get some help to get into the playoffs. And upon whom have I pinned my fantasy playoff fate, you ask? Scott Tolzien. Um, yeah, uh, that’s “Scott” with an “S” Tolzien. T O L Z as in zoo I E N.

And why am I going through all this? Because RBs are so valuable? The guy who’s leading our league in scoring is starting Lamar Miller and DeAngelo Williams. After our draft I was laughing at him and his Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson. Haha …ha … huh?

Next September, if you hear me getting other ideas. Tell me, “Don’t get cute man. Remember Tolzien?”

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