Fantasy Friday – Tuesday Edition

January 23rd, 2013 § Leave a Comment

Holy Read-Option Batman!

Did you see what Colin Kaepernick did to the Green Bay Packers? I know you did. Let me do the math: 181 rushing yards (NFL Record for rushing yards by a QB) = 18 fantasy pts; 2 rushing TDs = 12 pts; 263 passing yards = 10 fantasy pts; 2 passing TDs = 8 fantasy pts. -2 for an interception for a grand total of 46 fantasy pts. I went back and looked at what Kaepernick averaged since getting the starting job. A very respectable 17.8. Hmmm. Very interesting. Now guess what Russell Wilson did in his last 6? Would you have guessed 23.2? Better than Rodgers, better than Brees, touch better than Tom Fabulous. In the Divisional Championship loss to Atlanta, Wilson racked up 33 fantasy pts. Holy Read-Option Batman!

I was all set. Learned my lesson. Against better judgement reached for Vick, and was severely chastened. I was ready to change my tune about QBs. “Go the safe route. Grab one of the elite guys, and sleep better.” And then the read-option. The pistol. And I gotta tell you, I feel like that Defensive End standing there in space between the QB and the dive guy. Stuck. Frozen. “Who’s got it? Who’s got it?” Sigh I can’t do it. Believe me. I was set, ready to confess, to give an unequivocal endorsement to the elite, pro style QB. And the read-option comes along. I saw what I saw; I can’t deny it. Who can? Not going to blame anyone for taking Brady in the first round, but right now, I don’t think I’ll be doing it.

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