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September 1st, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Ready to Dance

Hate to break it to you, but you got it wrong. Not the whole thing, but a pick or two, or three or … um four. Five? Last year, I got Vincent Jackson and LeGarrette Blount wrong. Of all the guys on my roster, those were the two sure fire, guarantee, “return on investment” studs. I took Jackson in the 2nd round and LeGarrette in the 3rd. There were a few others I missed, but those two were serious disappointments. If you’ve already drafted, just make peace with the fact that you got some of your picks wrong. You just don’t know it yet. Once you do … make peace, that is … you are set to dance. Hustle. Make some moves; make things happen.

The first rule of dancing is loosen your grip. You can’t dance when you’re stiff. Get loose. Relax. Try to listen to the beat. How this translates to making moves in fantasy football is you can’t put a stiff grip on a player. It’s okay to love Doug Martin. You can even tell yourself that you saw it the moment Tampa drafted him in the first round. But don’t grip; don’t get stiff. He may be the next coming of Ray Rice. He may just as easily give you subpar numbers sharing Tampa’s backfield with LeGarrette. C’mon, who among us thinks Tampa is going to be a offensive revelation? If the DeMarco Murray of 2012 appears in week 3, your stiff grip on Martin can lock you into an ugly freeze.

Just as ugly as a stiff dude who can’t flow with the beat is a spastic dude who jerks prematurely. They’re all wound up, bobbing when they should be weaving, shuffling when they should be sliding. You’ve seen ’em. They’re dropping a guy who’s injured for two weeks. They grab a Brian Hartline ’cause he went 105 and TD against the Lions. And then drop him the following week to grab Josh Cribbs because he ran back a kick-off and caught two passes for 80. Hey, hey, slow down, my man. Do you hear that? That’s a beat. Try to go with it.

Now that your team is set, get ready to dance. They’ll emerge: the Victor Cruzes, the Cam Newtons, the Marshawn Lynches. Guarantee you got something wrong on your draft. The moves you make to replace your mistakes will determine whether or not you’re playing into the fourteenth week.

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