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June 1st, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Times they are a changin’

The list of Heisman winners of the past two decades tells of a “shift in the wind.” In the decade of the 90s, four Running Backs won the Heisman. If you throw in Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson who won their Heisman as much for running back punts as they did for WR and Corner duties respectively, you have six “runners”. From 2000-2009, only two RBs took home the coveted trophy. With Reggie returning his, only one trophy dons a RBs mantle. Where did the other eight go? To Quarterbacks.

Now consider the list of Super Bowl winners in the past decade: Tampa Bay Bucs, New England (2), Indy, Pitt (2), NY Giants (2), Packers, and the Saints. Quick, who were their Running Backs? Uh…um,…wait…oh, I know…um. You have to go back to the Baltimore team of 2001 to get a clear RB – Jamal Lewis. The ten previous had household names like Terell Davis and Emmitt Smith.

Times they are changing. Last season, Drew Brees broke Dan Marino 28 year old single season passing record. If Drew somehow would have stumbled, Brady would have broken it. Matthew Stafford was 30 and change from breaking it. Stafford! Let’s face it: Teams win without a “work horse” RB. With the wear and tear, many teams have adopted a platooning arrangement, giving rise to a whole new sub category: third down back, goal line back. Times they are a changing.

Some have declared the changing times requires a change in strategy. Running Backs need to be moved down the board, and players in the passing game moved up. I beg to differ. Certain things make me feel rich: Full jar of kim chee in the fridge, a box of ProV1s, a twelve pack of Pacifico, a supply of quality socks and boxers in my drawer, AND…and Running Backs on my fantasy team. I’m a simple man with simple needs; and I need me some RBs. I don’t know what it is about that middle of my fantasy line-up that just makes me feel, depending on abundance or scarcity, either invincible or like I got my pants around my ankles.

My thought is the changing times only boosts the value of the Stud Running Back.

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