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May 18th, 2012 § 2 Comments

A Confession: I love Arian Foster

Ten reasons why Arian Foster needs to be your top pick.

1. 20 pts. per. That’s Arian Foster’s average fantasy output in the last two seasons in games he has played. Let me put that number in perspective. Over the same span Aaron Rodgers, the number one QB has put up 23.5 avg.
2. 6’1″ and 229 lbs.  4.69 40. Size and speed.
3. 26 – his age at the start of 2012 season – his third full season. Neither a pup nor an old dog, 25-29 prime RB years.
4. Favorites – Houston Texans poised to be tops in the AFC South for some time. Each game will matter and they will be motivated.
5. Andre Johnson – Takes the top off opposing defenses, meaning the safety can’t drop into the box. Foster will see no 8 man fronts.
6. O-Line – Houston has arguably the nastiest, most athletic offensive line in the NFL. Last season I saw D-Lines just getting blown off the ball.
7. Perfect Combo – Foster’s patient, cut and run downhill style is perfect for the Kubiak’s zone blocking run system.
8. Nose – Arian Foster has a nose for the goal line. Rarely gets stoned at the the gate. 30 TDs in 28 games.
9. Kubiak – From Shanahan’s coaching tree, but decidedly different approach with respect to RB usage. Suspect that he’s more influenced by Terrel Davis than Mike Shanahan. Davis during Denver’s best seasons with Kubiak at O-Cordinator was the only one back there getting the ball. When he got it, he ate up huge chunks of real estate. Amassing ridiculous numbers in ’98. In his heart, I do not believe Kubiak believes in platooning RBs. A platoon situation was presented to him on a platter last season. It made sense to integrate Ben Tate. Kubiak passed. Check the numbers. One more thing, he’s not a cute Offensive Coordinator. He’s not a Sean Payton or a Mike Martz who get their thrills from being clever. Kubiak wants to vicariously punch the opponent in the face with his Offensive Line.
10. Every Down Back – Obviously early downs. His size and his nose for the endzone makes him a goal line back; he ain’t gettin’ vultured. On top of all that, he’s got great hands, making him the best 3rd down back in football. Last season when Johnson went down, Foster became the Texans’ #1 receiver.

11. BonusMarshawn Lynch. Beastmode will be a top ten RB taken in most drafts. That’s how thin it is at RB.

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