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April 28th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

2012 NFL Draft

If there were any lingering questions as to which professional sport reigns supreme in sports crazed America, the coverage of the NFL Draft ought to have put those questions to rest. Forget what they say about Nascar. It’s Pro Football, hands down. No other sport comes close. What other sport has the audacity to rent out Radio City Music Hall and put their draft on prime time TV? Not one night, but multiple. ESPN knows, it will draw. They’re right; the Draft is high drama. As these men cross the stage, give the Commish the bear hug, put on the lids and hold up the jerseys, we’re watching dreams realized, millionaires made, and the hopes of franchises pinned. All in “On the Clock” rapid succession. Live and in high def. Man, hand me the remote.

Aargh, missed it. Worked late. So tuned into the the highlights. From a fantasy perspective however, the Draft doesn’t interest me. Why? Well, rookies are an unreliable lot. Yeah, I know what Cam Newton did last season. And I know AJ Green and Julio Jones put up some respectable numbers. But I’m not going to be lured to that watering hole ’cause a couple guys got a good drink last season. I’ve seen what happens at that watering hole. I’m betting if I cozy up to sneak a drink with RG3, good chance something jumps up and bites my head off. No thanks.

With all that said, I must admit, Trent Richardson does intrigue me. He’s being touted the most complete RB since Adrian Peterson. Peterson if I recall had a stellar rookie campaign. Hmm… But here’s the thing: Richardson is going to one of the worst scoring offenses in the NFL. Looks like he’ll be paired with a rookie QB. And the pair will be “cutting their teeth” against the AFC North – Pitt, Cincy, and Balitmore. Yeah, no, not in the early rounds. You go ahead; you drink first.


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