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April 13th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Quarterbacks Continued: Get Your Man

Nobody really knows. If we’d all known, we would’ve made Chris Johnson the number one overall pick in 09. Michael Vick would not have gone undrafted in 2010. And Eli Manning would not have been a 7th rounder last year. The unknown is an undeniable element of fantasy football. Just think about all the first round busts last season: Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Andre Johnson, Michael Vick, Rashard Mendenhall.

In this uncertain landscape, the Quarterback position stands as the last remaining beacon of stability. Drew Brees is the closest thing to a sure thing you’ll get in fantasy football. With about half dozen sure fire 250+ pt QBs, really the best thing to do is grab one with your first or second round pick. At least then you know, you’re starting each week with 20+ pts. The fact that it is consistently the highest scoring position only bolsters the argument to grab one early and run.

Two things give me pause. I’ve already mentioned the first: The traditional variation in pts between 1st and 2nd tier QBs is not as great as other positions. The other thing that gives me pause is in most leagues, you can only start one QB. Making that traditionally small margin even smaller. Definitely covet the consistency and predictability of a Aaron Rodgers. But if I think I can get solid production – putting me within five to ten pts every week – at a value price, I’ll take it.

A word of advice if you go the risky route: Get your man. The position is too important to just “wing it” at the draft. Think of a couple QBs you think will give you mid-round value, and target them. In targeting, it helps to track the QB position during the draft. Once the 1st tier QBs are off the board, that’s when the clock starts on your man. Your league’s draft will dictate which round you jump in. One more thing: It wouldn’t hurt to take anther solid QB in the next round. Take out the insurance.

A huge pick. Miss it, you could be starting Sexy Rex on your 2-4 mid-season loser.


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