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March 23rd, 2012 § Leave a Comment

One Man’s Trash

When you go 2-14, the demolition specialists get called out. Jim Irsay, the owner and president of the Indianapolis Colts put in that call, I’d say right around week 13. Now, a structure as large as a NFL franchise, require something a bit more … um, explosive than a wrecking ball. So, when Indy dropped its last game, securing the number one overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, guys rolled up to Lucas Oil with truck loads of dynamite. The place was packed and wired. Irsay triggered the detonator, and the whole thing went up in spectacular fashion. Right at the epicenter of the blast was Bill Polian and his boy, Chris. Standing next to them was head coach Jim Caldwell. And the blast kept radiating out all the way to the face of the Franchise, Peyton Manning.

The dust is starting to settle. Oh, there was some collateral damage. They’re trying to mend fences in SF. The blast sent Tim Tebow flying all the way to New York, landing with a thud right on Mark Sanchez’ front lawn. Won’t know for years how much damage that’s done? The blast was felt from Coast to Coast. Wave away the smoke, and you can just start to see him: Peyton Manning in Orange and Blue. A Bronco.

What do they say? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Yeah, that is what they say. And as a fantasy owner, Irsay’s trash can be a late mid-round treasure. It is a Quarterback driven league. True. This means two things: 1. You need a good quarterback and 2. It is the most predictable position in the league. Like to say more about that in another week. For now, here’s my bent: In our league’s fantasy draft, I like taking a risk at the QB position. No question, Manning is risky. He’s on the wrong side of Health, Age, and System. But another, lesser known, but no less true saying goes something like this: “It’s all about the money, ain’t a damn thing funny.” Last I heard, Denver is ready to part with a big chunk of what it’s all about to secure Manning’s services. Follow the money, man. You get to the bottom of things in a quick hurry. And the bottom is: The guy whispering into the ear of the guy signing that 90+ million dollar check, safe to assume that guy knows more about Quarterbacks than you and me.

Manning in the 7th as a possible starting QB. I plan to take a hard look.

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