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March 16th, 2012 § Leave a Comment

I’m Glad I’m Not John Elway

In Broncos lore, John Elway is The Hero. He is the tragic, vanquished Figure in their greatest tragedies; he is the triumphant Conqueror in their greatest victories. Both the most gut-wrenching and the most exhilarating moments etched into the memory of every Bronco fan … well, every fan over twenty, have in them Elway at Quarterback. He was the “Can’t Miss” Kid out of Stanford. And when he rode into Denver with his feathery blond hair and his pearly whites, Orange Crush Nation just knew, “Things are going to be set right around here.” It took some doing, but he got it done. Back to back Superbowls, and a walk-off shot – MVP of Superbowl XXXIII.

Those exploits buy you all kinds of capital. In Denver, John can just about do no wrong … just about. We’re going to see how much capital he really has as he tries to wiggle himself free from Tebowmania. Elway sees it: You can’t win with a Quarterback who runs better than he throws. It’s entertaining for awhile, but eventually the Patriots of this world sends you packing. Elway knows this and so all last season, he tried to delicately slip the knot. How to get rid of Tebow while appeasing a rabid, irrational fan base? And then the unthinkable happens in Indy. Peyton Manning gets cut. Suddenly, the instrument to sever the tie drops, gift-wrapped from the sky. Can’t put Tebow behind Orton or Quinn, but who can argue with the best QB to have ever played the position? I think with his reach for Manning, Elway is trying to get away from Tebow as much as he’s trying to get near Manning.

Of the possible scenarios, there’s only one that favors Elway. He has to get Manning, and Manning has to play great. That’s it. All other scenarios have Elway pressed against a wall screaming, “Wait! Wait! Don’t you remember ‘The Drive’? What about the rings? Don’t you know what I’ve done for you people?”

Like I said, glad I’m not John Elway.

Wherever Manning lands, got to think he boosts the value of the receiving corps. Kenny Britt and Jared Cook? Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker?



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